26/03/15 - Smile Education Recruitment

Smile Education Recruitment - West Midlands

Smile want to make you do just that: smile, as a supply teacher.  It's not the easiest thing for an agency to do, but there are things that help.  Smile understand this, and spent their Takeover making sure they're getting it right.  

The lovely Hannah, always a cheery, helpful presence at the Supply Teacher Network, kicked the day off while she was still on the bus to work!  With vouchers and wine on offer, the members couldn't resist replying to her many questions. Light-hearted, informative, and guaranteed smiles, the day flew by!

Smile are based in Birmingham, and cover the West Midlands. They are passionate about finding the very best staff for their schools and the perfect job for their teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors. Treating people like people, supporting the local economy and communities and putting family and children at the focus of everything they do.

26/02/15 - Supply Teacher Network!

SupplyBag.co.uk - The essential resource for supply teachersI did my first ever Takeover!  It took a lot of organising, there are so many elements to what I do.  First of all I have SupplyBag.co.uk, which started in November 2005 with a support forum for supply teachers, and has grown to be an essential resource for those thinking about supply, or in the early stages of their supply teaching career.  Then came this website, and National Supply Teacher Week with it.  I wanted to know which was the most important Aim of the Week in the eyes of the Supply Teacher Network members, and it seems it's the second one: to increase respect for supply teachers.  I invited members to subscribe to my newsletter, join me on PInterest etc. and had 200 stickers to give away (very popular!) and 3 x £5 vouchers too.  For 24hrs I gave a 50% refund to anyone who bought a download from SupplyBag, and I asked how the members would like the Network to move forward.  Phew!  I also attended a #SupplyChat Live in Preston in the evening, Preston Pudding Night, so all in all, a very busy day!

05/02/15 - Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets - Takeover Thursday

Classroom Secrets provides subscribers with differentiated resources that are engaging, meaty and worthwhile.  There are two levels of subscription, one of them being free for everyone.

Up with the lark, Claire Riley, Director of Classroom Secrets, started off the day with a superb discount for all members of the Supply Teacher Network.  Through the day she asked questions to help her develop more resources which would be useful to supply teachers, such as how much time they had access to computers / photocopiers etc.  

Claire offered up many free resources during the day, all the while having a vote going on as to which paid resource on the site the members would like to access for free for that evening only.  The resource that was eventually voted the one that most members would like to have was an excellent Recognising 3D Shapes bundle, including 6 differentiated worksheets.

12/02/15 - Class Cover

Class Cover - Takeover Thursday

Penny has been a member of the Supply Teacher Network since it began... first as a supply teacher, but now as part of our extended community as a consultant for Class Cover... And not a lot of our members knew that!

Class Cover started their Takeover showing solidarity with those waiting for an early morning call, at around half past six.  Before midday Penny had given away lots of my favourite - hot chocolate!  The goodies were given randomly through the day to people who were feeling poorly, stressed, or shared a funny story with the group.

Of course, there were educational giveaways too, and these prompted great long threads of responses from the members, especially the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory resource pack.  

It wasn't all fun, fun, fun however.  Class Cover shared with us their invaluable 6 top tips for getting more work through the day, shared information about help with relocating to the south of England, and explained how they are best-placed to help their candidates.  

Thanks Penny, for an informative and fun day which I know didn't end until well after I was asleep! 

With over 30 years of experience, Class Cover are premier recruitment specialists in the education sector providing outstanding qualified primary, secondary and SEN teachers, one to one tutors and support staff.

Throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire their dedicated Education Consultants work in partnership with schools and teachers and are holders of the REC Audited Education Status.

29/01/15 - Step Teachers

Takeover Thursday - Step Teachers

And they're off!  I know from a thread last week that many of you don't like to see the word 'and' at the beginning of a sentence, but Step Teachers hosted Takeover Thursday this week, and they sure started as they meant to go on - posting before I was even awake!  Fantastic.  

The whole team, Marios, Tom, Jack, Emma, Kim, Danielle and Xen all had questions of their own to kick off a thread.  Marios, heading up the team, said 'The most important outcome from 'Takeover Thursday' is that as an agency we learn and listen to our supply teachers. I'm hoping my consultants will learn what it's like to be on the other end of the phone. How we make our teachers feel by our actions or indeed inaction. And change the way we work for the better!'

As well as learning from the supply teacher members, the Step family very generously shared their techniques for interviews, ideas on trial lessons, and CV writing top tips through the day. Two of our members ended the day on a high after winning vouchers in a couple of giveaways!

Step Teachers are always looking for the best teachers to work with schools across their network of branches which service North London, South London, Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Cambridge, Plymouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth.

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