National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Forde Education

Forde Education is more than happy to pledge their support for National Supply Teacher Week! We recognise this as a great platform for showing our appreciation to the supply teaching community. 

The work of a supply teacher is vital to ensuring a child’s education can remain consistent and as uninterrupted as possible. They go into different schools and inspire different children all of the time, and always thrown in at the deep end!

We know all about the hard work of our teachers who work for Forde Education and it is fantastic to hear the stories from others from all across the UK! We believe the hard work that our teachers put in should be rewarded with a high level of commitment from us, their agency! One of our dedicated teachers Audrey says; “As a supply teacher, I would thoroughly recommend Forde Education for their skill and expertise in matching teachers to supply placements. I felt that I was treated as an individual and that I was placed in schools which matched my personal skills set.”

So from Forde Education we would like to show our appreciation for Supply Teachers. You do a fantastic job and we will continue to ensure we are doing our upmost to support you throughout your placement! You can always call or email us if needed or find us across social media!

#NSTW15 Forde Education


National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - RACS Group

RACS Group is delighted to support National Supply Teacher Week and the aspirations of the initiative. Perhaps more than any other payroll provider, RACS Group has an understanding of the issues facing supply teachers as we liaise with them both directly and via their recruitment agencies. Contractors working in the education sector are the foundation of our business and we actively strive to manage their payroll and associated queries professionally on a weekly basis.

We work with thousands of supply teachers and hundreds of education agencies every week, in addition to supporting numerous teaching events across the country. We host various CPD (Career & Professional Development) courses to help supply teachers enhance their careers and employment prospects.

To demonstrate our appreciation and support of the sector, RACS Group is offering a free goody bag to the first 100 supply teachers who either ‘post a comment’ on Facebook ( or Tweet ‘#NSTW15’ on Twitter ( Also included in the goody bag is a certificate issued by in recognition of their contribution to the UK education system.

All those who take part will be contacted directly and asked for their address to which RACS Group will post their free goody bag and certificate.

For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Pinnell
Marketing Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
07793 293 417

National Supply Teacher Week - RACS 2015

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - ePayMe

ePayMe are proud to be involved in this year’s National Supply Teacher Week, by giving the education workers the recognition that they truly deserve.

Without knowing what the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses are, supply teachers are expected to go to schools and into classes of 30 plus pupils and be perfect in these lessons – who else would do this?

Specialising in the education sector, ePayMe provides a fully compliant contractor payroll solution to contractors, working alongside some of the leading education recruitment agencies throughout the UK.

Our education contractors are an asset to us with their continued professionalism, enthusiasm and determination in inspiring the next generation.

Supply teachers are an extremely important part of the education system in the UK, as quite simply, without them, the education system would collapse, in turn, failing those pupils who are happy to attend and willing to learn. Unfortunately, those schools that rely deeply on supply teachers are really those in dire need of help and reform, mainly due to conduct and school beliefs.

We understand the time and commitment all our contractors invest within each placement they attend, for this reason it is vital that any free time is not wasted on more paperwork. By choosing the right outsourced payroll company can make a huge difference to your work-life balance. Our team of highly experienced payroll and customer service staff are here to help.

ePayMe we would like to show our appreciation to all our Supply Teachers. Each one of you do an amazing job.

•           We will continue to offer the lowest fees

•           With our new referral scheme, we will reward you for your friends, family and colleagues registering with us, by way of a  £50 voucher of your choice

•           And what’s more, if anyone registers with us by the end of June, quoting NSTW15, they will receive a week’s free admin

Everyone at ePayMe would like to say ‘Thank You’, what you do makes a difference and means a lot, not just to us, but to the pupils your teaching and the staff you are supporting in your placement, so Thank you!


ePayMe – Contractor Payroll Solution

National Supply Teacher Week - ePayMe

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - First Class Supply

Currently celebrating 11 very successful years in educational recruitment, it is the heart of the First Class Supply ethos that our Supply Teachers should always be respected, supported, appreciated and treated as valuable members of our team! We are therefore delighted to be supporting National Supply Teacher Week for the third year running and as a special thank you to our Supply Teachers during this time we will demonstrate our commitment to this fantastic initiative in a number of ways: 


  • By showing our appreciation for our Supply Teachers by posting a THANK YOU article on our website and facebook.  We will ask our teachers to ‘like’ the article and enter those who do into a prize draw to win £50 in pamper or shopping vouchers.
  • We will be reinforcing our commitment to ongoing CPD support for our teachers by pledging to continue to hold free, accredited training on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • We have created a special Supply Guide for our teachers and will be distributing these to all our teachers together with a separate guide designed especially for NQTs.
  • We are telling our schools all about National Supply Teachers Week, together with a supporting flyer, in order to raise their awareness of the importance of supply teachers in their school
  • We are holding a Summer Social on 26th June as a special thank you to all our supply staff!

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 -First Class Supply

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Genie Education

Genie Education’s aspiration is to improve the lives of the supply teachers we employ.  We respect all of our supply teachers as employees of our umbrella company and do not see them as a ‘’payroll number’’.   

In recent years the umbrella company industry has seen an influx of spurious business models, some of which no longer provide supply teachers with continuous employment rights or benefits.  At Genie Education we understand that our principal role is that of an employer.  The teachers we employ are reassured that we will always be there to support them throughout their careers as a supply teacher, and provide them with statutory and employment benefits such as sick pay, maternity and paternity pay.  

We’re continuously improving the support we offer to our supply teachers. All our supply teachers have access to a free online safeguarding and child protection course.  Our overseas trained teachers utilise our foreign currency exchange package which means they can transfer their money in and out of the UK at competitive rates.  We’ve also recently secured access to specialist mortgages which take into account the nature of work undertaken by professional supply teachers.

The feedback we solicit from both supply teachers and recruitment agencies will ensure that we continue to provide great support.

Get in touch!
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 01296 468 483

Genie Education - Supporting National Supply Teacher Week 2015

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Key Portfolio

As the largest employer of supply teachers in the UK, we've come to understand the unique contribution and talents that these very special teachers bring to our education system. And it’s fair to say we’re a little bit in awe of them, actually.

It’s vitally important that supply teachers are encouraged and supported. We can’t say this enough and in fact, our whole service is geared around it. Key Portfolio supports supply teachers every day by providing employment rights and benefits while they work on temporary assignments, as this little video explains:


So, we’re very excited to support National Supply Teacher Week and we stand wholeheartedly behind the aims of the event. Plus, it gives us another chance to sing supply teachers’ praises. But of course, it’s about much more than just words. It's about inspiring action.

Throughout National Supply Teacher Week, we'll be supporting our teachers with their professional development by inviting them to take a fully funded six-part self-study course. And we'll also be taking a moment or two (or three) to show our appreciation for supply teachers and promote the contribution they make.

We support contractors every day, all year round. But it’s lovely to have an official opportunity to say it: supply teachers, we salute you.

National Supply Teacher Week supporters Key Portfolio

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - McGinley Education

McGinley Education are an education recruitment company based in Salford Quays, just outside of Manchester. We supply teachers, teaching assistants, and Nursery Nurses to schools on a local level, and throughout Manchester.

Our team have over ten years’ experience of helping supply staff find short term and long term work. During this time we’ve seen how supply teachers add value to schools. Being on “standby” on almost a daily basis and then travelling to a school for 8.30am is not an easy task. Once at school, supply teachers then quickly find their feet and deliver a full days’ work ensuring a high standard of teaching. Supply staff are real life super heroes!

At McGinley Education we recognise what a fantastic job our supply teachers do and during National Supply Teacher Week we are launching the following:

·         A new pay scheme which will see our supply staff receive double pay every ten days

·         A new referral scheme which will reward our supply staff with £150 amazon vouchers

Our aim is to support our supply staff in every way possible. We speak to staff regularly to ensure they are happy within their roles, and offer guidance and support where needed.

Supply Teachers…we recognised what an amazing job you do…and from everyone at McGinley Education we simply want to say…thank you!

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 McGinley Education

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - PK education

 PK education is proud to be supporting National Supply Teacher Week for a second year.


With a growing shortage of teachers, PK education recognises that quality supply teachers play a vital role in ensuring our children’s education is continuous and of a high standard.

To celebrate all the hard work Supply Teachers do, PK education is excited to announce its brand new Supply Teacher Awards, recognising and rewarding the very best Supply Teachers working in schools throughout the north of England, the Midlands and the North West.

15 outstanding Supply Teachers have been shortlisted across PK education’s five offices (Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester) and voting is now open to find the winner of each office’s award.

The five winners will be announced on Thursday 18 June during National Supply Teacher Week, when PK education hosts #TakeoverThursday on the Supply Teacher Network Facebook page.

The awards will highlight the outstanding work of our Supply Teachers and recognise those who go above and beyond. The winner in each region will be presented with their own award and a very special gift to mark our appreciation of their efforts and to show their work does not go unnoticed.

Supply Teachers play a valuable and important part in the modern education system and are a crucial resource for schools. We pledge to support National Supply Teacher Week by:

During #TakeoverThursday PK will not only announce the winners of the PK education Supply Teacher Awards but celebrate Supply Teachers everywhere! On Thursday 18 June PK will be encouraging supply teachers to share best practice and there will be some fantastic giveaways throughout the day.

During National Supply Teacher Week and beyond, PK education’s pledge to supply teachers is:

·         To remain in regular contact and offering an open door policy for all teachers who are registered with us. We know that the world of supply can feel isolating at times but we want to minimise these feelings and ensure our teachers are happy in their roles.

·         Raise awareness of the skills needed to be a supply teacher beyond teaching qualifications. PK recognises that teaching is constantly changing. That’s why additional training is regularly provided to candidates to ensure they continue to be a valued addition to schools.

·         Recognise every teacher as an individual. We will ensure the schools and roles meet the goals and aspirations of our registered teachers, matching candidates with the right job for them to ensure they are happy and fulfilled in their profession.

NSTW 2015 PK education

Step Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week 2015

 At Step Teachers we are pledging to support National Supply Teacher week for any number of reasons, the foremost being the need to reinforce just how vital the role of supply teaching is both to school leaders and more importantly the pupils themselves.


Over the 15 years that Step has been operating we have seen a real sea-change in the level of professionalism and commitment that supply teachers bring to their role, and we would like to celebrate their contribution to our schools. Without highly skilled and committed supply teachers, schools cannot deal with the continuing pressure on school places and the requirements for permanent staff to have non-contact time. Trained teachers, working on supply in their specialist Key Stage or Subject, maintain the continuity for pupils where there are unavoidable absences.

The core value of Step Teachers is to maintain our reputation for ethical and teacher centred recruitment and we work hard every day to make sure our teachers understand how important their contribution is! Using our website, social media, emails and good old fashioned phone calls, we are constantly working to keep our teachers in the loop about new CPD and any resources we come across which can be of use. We have run several online and face-to-face CPD courses, which have been very well received, and this year we will be rolling out online Webinars where our teachers (and other interested non Step Teachers!) will be able to have a real time conversation and share their thoughts and experiences. In a similar vein, many of our consultants and our MD have joined the Supply Teacher Network group on Facebook and we have been encouraging our teachers to do the same. We regularly organise social events for our team, with the December 2014 audience participation murder mystery play being a huge success and we are fortunate that the company credit card went behind the bar that night!! These are just some of the avenues we pursue to make sure our supply teachers understand their value to us and to keep refreshing our understanding of what they want from us.

As part of our recruitment process, each teacher we employ comes in for a personal consultation where we discuss their specific strengths and experience and take time to understand how they can be best used on supply. Many teachers who have been in post for a number of years are used to having the time to build relationships in the classroom and manage behaviour. We understand that with daily supply in particular this is not always an option and we use the experience of our many ‘teachers-turned-consultants’ to give them some examples of how their innate skills can best be employed. Talking to our supply teachers about past lesson plans and lessons that have been taught successfully on observation, we encourage them to have that ‘Supply Bag’ ready and waiting as required.

The view of supply teaching is changing. The old-fashioned view of supply teachers as ‘second class’ citizens is slowly being chipped away as more and more experienced teachers with high levels of skill in the classroom are taking up the flexible options available through supply work. We communicate after every booking to ensure that our teachers are being treated properly whilst in school and where issues are identified we communicate them to the school immediately. At Step Teachers, the relationship between Agency, School and Teacher is a triangle with each of the three points being equally important in maintaining the whole.

Supply Teachers, we salute you!


Step Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week Supporters

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Rotherwood Teachers

At Rotherwood Teachers we work incredibly hard all year round to support our supply teachers throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester and we know that it is always good to step back from the hustle and bustle and take some time to show our appreciation for the brilliant job they do.

Supply teachers play a fundamental part in schools supporting education and to the future of children nationwide and, for that reason alone, Rotherwood Teachers do not underestimate the value of each and every one of our supply staff.

The Rotherwood Teachers team really understand our industry, the role that we play and our responsibilities as an agency. Of late there have been numerous challenges facing recruitment in education and we know that it is crucial to open our ears and really hear and understand the needs of each person who takes the time to register with us.

To ensure that we meet the requirements of each individual and deliver the best possible service to our teachers, as well as schools, we always provide a face-to-face consultation where we get to know the newest member of our team and answer any questions they may have so there are no surprises.

Connections we establish with our supply staff are nurtured throughout their time working with us. We are always there at the other end of the phone to lend an ear and each of our supply staff have their own dedicated consultant who can be contacted on their out-of-hours number to support them any time they require.

Rotherwood Teachers wholeheartedly back National Supply Teacher Week and we are delighted to be pledging our support for the first time in 2015! Throughout the week we will have raffles, competitions and bits of silliness for all of our supply staff to get involved in with a range of prizes and rewards on offer.

Our dedicated staff will be holding an open surgery for any member of the team, old or new, who feels like they would benefit from interview training. To make sure that we do this right our consultants have collated a range of information from the schools that we work with – some good examples and some bad! – so you know our advice is helpful and genuine.

As part of our continuing efforts to grow our network and get people sharing their advice, thoughts and experiences we are always available on Facebook and Twitter. Alongside Rotherwood Recruitment we host #RRHour on Twitter, a weekly Q&A and advice session every Monday 1230 – 1330, where anybody is encouraged to join the conversation.


To find out more as we expand further on our pledges for National Supply Teacher Week please stay tuned!

National Supply Teacher Week - Rotherwood Teachers

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Supply-ED

Hi Guys,

We are Supply-ED. We are not a traditional agency. In fact we are very different.

We are also new. We are launching very soon and are calling on all supply teachers based in Greater London areas to join us. It’s 100% Free and we promise to make it worth your while.

We are proud to pledge our support for the National Supply Teacher Week for the first time and show appreciation for the amazing impact it has on bringing us all together.

We also want to demonstrate our appreciation for supply teachers and we’ll work tirelessly over the year to increase the respect shown towards you for the amazing work you do, usually under difficult circumstances.

We know how difficult it can be to be a supply teacher; the lack of security, the low pay, the irregularity, the pressure of being thrown into the deep end, the lack of respect and appreciation. But we also know how much you love doing what you do!

So this year, we are showing our support, commitment and appreciation for supply teachers by putting our money where our mouth is…

· ALL our supply teachers will earn a fixed £150 a day, for every day they work. No catches and no hidden costs.

· We will also be running a competition on Twitter and other social media throughout June - everyone is welcome to nominate 2 or more Greater London based supply teachers who deserve recognition. £50 will go to the winning supply teacher and £50 to the person who nominates them. 

(Full details to follow online)

Finally guys, please check us out online to see loads more ways in which we are revolutionising supply teaching… =)

National Supply Teacher Week - Supply-ED

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Apple A Day Supply

We are supporting National Supply Teacher Week,
These are a few outcomes of which we seek.
Their importance will be highlighted, by making schools aware,
They need respect and appreciation, oh and to be treated fair…
We want to abolish the isolation that supply teachers may feel,
I hope you’re listening closely schools, it’s time to make a deal.

From the 15th of June this is what we suggest,
A big smile to all supply staff and to be treated like a guest.
A welcomed guest at that, one who perhaps deserves some cake,
Because come on lets face it, its for the children’s sake.
They’re the reason we’re all here, to help them on their way,
To nurture, teach and guide, to enjoy, flourish and play.

To show you our support, we will let all of our schools know.
The dates, the reasons why and how they can help this grow.
A guide to supporting supply teachers will be sent to all our schools,
Listing codes and things we need and a few quite easy rules.
Such as making planning clear and referring to us by name,
We want to get things right as wasted days are such a shame.

To our wonderful teachers, we offer a TA for the day.
That’s right, we’ll do the cutting, sticking…I’ll even work with clay.
We will spend the time with you, making you tea and taking groups out,
We will spread the word from within the school and make our presence felt!

 Apple A Day Supply, long-time supporters of National Supply Teacher Week, operate in and around Wiltshire.

National Supply Teacher Week Support from Apple a Day Supply

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - New Directions Education

New Directions Education has been embedded within the supply teaching community since 1999. In that time we have filled over 1,000,000 days of supply cover.

We have been recognised this year with a ‘Supplier of the Year’ award at the Welsh Procurement Awards. We are proud that our supply staff are being celebrated by the wider business community and recognised as a fundamental part of schools and colleges across Wales.

Our pledge(s) this National Supply Teacher Week includes:

·         To show appreciation for those working as supply teachers

On June 19th we will be hosting our annual Inspirational Teaching Awards where we recognise the efforts from supply staff across the education community in Wales. We want to celebrate the contribution supply teachers make towards the success of our schools and colleges.

·         To support supply teachers with their professional development

Our in-house training team has continued to deliver training to supply staff across the UK throughout 2015. We are committed to supporting CPD for supply staff; this year we have extended our offer to include a certificated Safeguarding course that equips supply staff with the tools they need to understand this very important area.

Also watch out for our online Cover Supervisor and Personal and Behavioural Management courses which are new for 2015.

#NSTW15 New Directions Education

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Protocol Education

We are proud to once again be pledging our support for National Supply Teacher Week. Here at Protocol Education we strongly believe that supply teachers and support workers should be respected, appreciated and admired for the important part they play in a child’s education.

We don’t see supply as a stop gap, rather an opportunity to realise your complete potential.

We understand that when our teachers and support staff are working on a temporary basis they may not have access to regular in-house training

We understand that as a supply teacher or support worker you may feel you have limited access to regular training. This is where our CPD team is here to support you. To help you improve your current practice or expand your career options, Protocol Education offers a wide range of training opportunities for teachers and support workers, with regular in-branch training seminars, webinars accessible from home, and other online courses.

Our Pupil Support Programmes give our staff the opportunity to access positions that will stretch their skills and offer them a variety of work opportunities. They recognise the need for specialist support in schools and the abilities of the people who provide that support. We provide training for our staff to enhance their knowledge base/experience to enable them to become a “specialist” through continuing professional development.

Our teacher community continues to grow from strength to strength to ensure you never feel alone as a supply teacher. With us you have access to our blogs covering a range of topics, regular social events, and an active social media community on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Here is sneak peek at what will be going on at Protocol Education during National Supply Teacher Week:

·         During the month of June we will be running specific CPD courses aimed at supply teachers including Introduction to SEN, Phonics, Unlocking Maths, and Understanding Learning Styles and How to Assess and Monitor Progress.

·         The excitement is building around our Everyday Hero Supply Teacher awards, where every team of consultants will be nominating their supply teachers for the honour.

·         All nominated Everyday Heroes will go into a draw to win prizes throughout the week which include lots of chocolate goodies!

National Supply Teacher Week 2015 - Protocol Education

National Supply Teacher Week and Rotherwood Teachers

National Supply Teacher Week and Randstad Education

Genie Education, National Supply Teacher Week 2015

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West Country Educational National Supply Teacher Week

National Supply Teacher Week - Total Assist Education

National Supply Teacher Week - ePayMe

Key Portfolio, supporting National Supply Teacher Week


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The Five Ds - Five little words supply teachers need!

Supply for Lunch

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Supporting and Celebrating Supply Teachers

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Free! Otis Stickers

Free stickers for supply teachers

Smile Education Recruitment - Activities in support of National Supply Teacher Week

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