Supply2Teach - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Our aim at Supply2Teach is to create a simple, efficient way for supply teachers to find the exact type of work they want. Our service is based around what YOU – the supply teacher – want to do on a daily basis! YOU can choose how far you travel. YOU can choose which positions you are interested in. YOU are the master of your work!

At Supply2Teach, we have an ethos which is based purely around the supply teacher. As an agency we promise to:

·         Support and provide information to you to make your work as a supply teacher as simple as possible.

·         Increase the potential of your income and be transparent around all things salary – what you see is what you get!

·         Encourage respect and awareness of supply teachers and their importance to the education of the next generation.

·         Actively promote the wonders of supply teaching as a career via our website, Twitter, Facebook, and incentive schemes for supply teachers.

At Supply2Teach we value supply teaching staff extremely high and continue our efforts in keeping the career as a supply teacher a pleasurable one!


Supply2Teach - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Academic Appointments - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Elizabeth, KS1 specialist, wins the ‘Academic Appointments 2014 Award for Excellence in Supply’!               

NSTW 2014 brought the 2nd annual  Academic Appointments’ ‘Awards for Excellence in Supply’, we asked the schools we work with to nominate supply teachers and/or support staff who they feel are exceptional at their job and deserve recognition via an ‘Award for Excellence in Supply’. We also opened up the nomination platform to the Academic Appointments’ team.

Reading the reasons behind the nominations was a thoroughly enjoyable task. It really highlighted what an important role supply teachers and support staff play in the world of education and how much their work is appreciated.

We decided to choose the overall winner based on the reasons behind the nomination. I’m sure on reading the nomination you’ll agree that Elizabeth is a deserved winner:

National Supply Teacher Week - Academic Appointments

‘We would like to nominate Elizabeth for an Award for Excellence in Supply. She has been a fantastic asset to our school in the short time that she has been here. She is extremely enthusiastic and professional. She has worked extremely hard to ensure that the children are provided with a breath of experiences. She is by far the best supply teacher that we have had!’ Helen, Head Teacher- Doncaster based Primary School 


We also wanted to ‘highly commend’ other members of the Academic Appointments’ supply team based on the nominations we received:

Andy, RS Teacher - currently on a long term assignments in Bradford: ‘Andy relocated from Kent to undertake the long term temporary post. He was told that the students would be very difficult and yet he had them ‘eating out of his hand from the 2nd lesson’. He has never had a day off.

Carol, 1 to 1 tutor of children who are looked after in Leeds: ‘Carol is simply amazing! She has tutored a variation of students-  primary, secondary and SEN, and always strives to achieve results- in an educational sense and in the development of the student as person . She is so invested in the care and education of her students, no task is too small.’

Kate, English Teacher - currently on a long term assignment in Harrogate: ‘Kate is doing such a great job at St John Fisher. Not only are we very pleased with her work but we’ve also received fantastic feedback from parents

Abel, Cover Supervisor & Exam Invigilator, Leeds: ‘Abel worked his socks off during the exam period doing invigilation. He accepted every single booking, including those less attractive 2 hour slot assignments. We also received great feedback from school contacts’.

Yaser, ICT Teacher - just completed a long term temporary assignment in Huddersfield: ‘During his most recent assignment Yaser was always reliable, punctual and always went that extra mile. He stayed behind, and offered himself for extra classes and intervention sessions. The feedback from the school was outstanding – they said he really made a difference and engaged with the students really well. The school would have him back in an instant’

From everyone in the Academic Appointments’ team, to Elizabeth and to all of the individuals nominated for an ‘Award for Excellence in Supply’, CONGRATULATIONS, WELL DONE & THANK YOU, you’re doing an amazing job and we hugely appreciate it!!


Academic Appointments - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Staffroom Education - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Here at Staffroom Education we focus on supporting all of our candidates and nurturing their developmental needs. We were formed from the recognition that there were growing demands within Welsh schools for an increased number of quality Teachers and Support staff, as well as the need for a dramatic improvement in the service provided by recruitment agencies. Meeting the exacting needs of both job seekers and schools is our soul priority. 

We are excited to be involved in ‘National Supply Teacher Week’ for the second year running and will continue to give back to our candidates whenever we can…

Our Pledge Promises:

1.       We will tell ALL of our candidates, schools & friends about ‘National Supply Teacher Week’ to raise awareness of how important supply teaching is.

2.       We will be inviting all of our existing candidates and their families to a summer gathering to show our appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication – without them we wouldn't be where we are today!

3.       We promise to always be available for candidate drop ins or phone calls to discuss how their days have been, establish fantastic working relationships & always offer plenty of coffee & tea. (And many sweets that we try & hide from ourselves on a regular basis!)

4.       We promise to continue to put as much care & effort in to our business and brand to make sure that supply teachers are always treated and cared for with the respect that they deserve. 


Staffroom Education - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Connex Education - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

At Connex Education we truly appreciate the resilience, enthusiasm and passion that our supply teachers, TAs, Nursery Nurses and Cover Supervisors show every day and we strongly believe that all supply teaching staff deserve recognition and praise for all their hard work. This is why we are very proud to be supporting National Supply Teacher Week for the second year in a row.

As a supply teaching agency one of our main aims is to help schools work with supply teachers more effectively and we strive to match the needs of both our clients and candidates at all times. Every time we get a booking, our team of consultants ensure they have all the relevant information in order to find the right member of staff for the school.

Providing work suitable to the needs of our Teachers and other teaching staff is very important to us as well; because of this, if a candidate requires to work within a specific Key Stage or in a particular area we make sure to get them assignments that meet their requirements.

At Connex we are more than happy to provide information about supply teaching, its benefits and what can be expected from working on supply. We offer a variety of literature containing relevant information about supply teaching to anyone that might request it; this literature can also be obtained at one of the University Open Days or Career Fairs that we attend. Furthermore, we have created a Connex blog which is available on our website and social media networks and that is updated on a regular basis with the aim of providing tips and advice not only to Teachers, NQTs and TAs but also to people that might be considering supply teaching as a career move.

This year, in celebration of National Supply Teacher Week, the Connex team will be launching a campaign with the aim of highlighting the importance of supply teachers within schools. This campaign will aim to encourage people to show appreciation to supply staff and vital role they play in the education sector and pupil attainment and development.

We will also be posting an appreciation article dedicated to all supply teachers on our website which will appear on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


Last but not least, the name of every Connex supply teacher will be entered into a draw with the chance to win a selection of prizes. 



Connex Education - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Career Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

Career Teachers Pledge of support for National Supply Teacher Week

To increase respect for supply teachers

To show appreciation for those working as supply teachers

To help combat the recurring feeling amongst supply teachers of isolation

To support supply teachers with their professional development

Career Teachers are delighted to be supporting National Supply Teacher Week. As an established, London based, education recruitment agency we hold our supply teachers in the highest regard and have built a company that values and supports their work in schools. 

Our company ethos aims to provide supply teachers with an individualised service to ensure they reach their potential and feel part of the Career Teachers community. 

We have a very strong commitment to professional development and always aim to support a supply teacher to do their job, providing what ever support they need.

To celebrate National Supply Teacher Week, we are treating our Supply Teachers to a ‘big night out’ to thank them for their continual hard work.

We will be promoting National Supply Teacher Week via our social media community with support, advice and tips to enjoy and be successful at supply teaching.

In addition to our normal professional development training we are offering a free successful supply workshop and the opportunity to receive one-to-one training from one of our highly qualified training consultants.


Career Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

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