World Class Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week 2014

World Class Teachers are one of London’s foremost supply teaching agencies, and we are proud to pledge our support to National Supply Teacher Week. We have a huge array of supply, cover, and short-terms roles available, and work hard to find the right fit for both the school and our teachers – a process that should always take in to account the well-being of the teacher.

We also specialise in placing teachers from further afield, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US, as well as home-grown talent, and we are particularly keen to foster a sense of community. We recognise the hard work our supply teachers do, and pledge the following:

·         To highlight the importance of supply teachers in a child’s education

World Class Teachers only recruit professionals of the highest quality, rejecting teachers if they don’t meet our criteria both in terms of fit for client schools and compliance requirements. It is important to us, as well as the teaching profession, that supply teachers’ skills are recognised. Working with talented teachers, and placing them in the right school is vital.

·         To increase respect for supply teachers

We enjoy working with enthusiastic talented teachers, and will continually ensure that we work with great client schools and that they are fully supported both in school and from the agency.

·         To help combat the recurring feeling amongst supply teachers of isolation

We arrange regular social events, and have organised our own touch rugby team. These social events have gone down really well, and foster a sense of community amongst our supply teachers, many of whom are from abroad. We plan on organising more meet-ups in the future. We also encourage teachers to drop into our office whenever they can for a chat. When recruiting, we aim to match our teachers to the same pool of client schools so they build relationships with the other regular supply teachers and permanent teachers alike.

·         To support supply teachers with their professional development

We organise cover for teachers so that they are released for PD, we provide resources on our website and refer them through to online training.

·         To provide information for those considering supply teaching as a career move

World Class Teachers plan workshops in schools and maintain contact with teaching universities both here and overseas. We are always happy to provide professional advice, and regularly update our website and social media channels with teaching news and resources. 

World Class Teachers - National Supply Teacher Week 2014


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