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#SupplyChat Live

26th February 2015

Having missed the #SupplyChat Live in Newcastle due to inclement weather, I didn't take much persuading to shoot down the M6 to Preston again. This time, we had a theme: pudding night!  Special mention goes to Amy as she managed to get free puddings for all :-D 


12th November 2014

#SupplyChat Live in Preston, even closer to home!  You wouldn't think it though, the length of time it took me to get there... I missed my turning off the M6, too busy singing along to my favourite cheesy radio station!  The Lancashire Massive had got to The Phantom Winger long before I did, and had a meal, so were well and truly settled into conversations about local schools... and the dreaded topic of... rates of pay!

7th November 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Carlisle!  The closest to my home yet, just a short trip up the M6 in the driving rain, and such a lovely, lovely evening spent in The Hallmark Hotel.  Chat quickly turned from supply teaching to alternative medicine, through living abroad and back again!

14th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Norwich was held in a lovely bar, serving great hot chocolate called The River Garden Pub!  Not so well attended, in fact, where were you all?!  Kate and I had a lovely evening chatting, and were so busy that the chocolate box didn't even come out of the bag!

8th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Cardiff took place in The Chapter Bar. That's Chapter, not Chapel! We had a great time, and the chocolates went down a storm! Points to note from the evening: read the location name before you set off, look for the red bag, don't leave before the chocolates are opened, and it's not always waitress service! 

7th October 2014


#SupplyChat Live in Bath was a simply lovely event!  We met at The Salamander in Bath where I tried hard not to steal some of the home decor items!  Points to note from the evening:  Don't mention your underwear in class, or caterpillars' movements, and buy the last round... It's the cheapest!

22nd September 2014

Thanks to all who turned up for #SupplyChat Live in London.  We met at Starbucks, London Bridge and had a lovely evening chatting, and all went home with a few freebies too!  Points to note from the evening:  even experienced teachers get nervous when starting on supply for the first time; some NQTs deserve to complete their induction year, yet struggle to get the opportunities; and don't leave it until the last minute to buy tube passes!




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