Supply Teaching Blog Award - February 2015

Day in the Life of a Supply TeacherThis blog not only is refreshingly honest and open about supply, but Day in the Life of a Supply Teacher also shares some fantastic links to top tips and resources... Well done, and keep up the great work!

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Supply Teacher Network - A Testimonial

Supply Teacher Network on FacebookThe loneliness of the long (or short!) term supply teacher is a condition known to us all. Shuffled off, often at very short notice, into schools the length and breadth of the country, our forays into the unknown often leave us feeling unnerved and unappreciated. We sit silently in staff room corners, we battle alone with unfamiliar classrooms, lack of resources and recalcitrant kids. Staff can be quite unhelpful, or at worst, downright unfriendly!

Of course, many schools and their staff and pupils are wonderful, and really appreciate our hard work. That’s why we do the job. It’s not always bad. But on the days when it is, it’s so good to know there’s Supply Teacher Network to turn to.

The site gives a real sense of community and comradeship. No matter what time of day, there’s a friendly answer to your posts. Help and advice, tips for resources, lesson plans and interview techniques are always on offer. You can get the lowdown on how agencies operate, what Umbrella companies really do, and what rates of pay you should be receiving. Even if you just want to moan about a particularly tough day, or share the experience of waiting for a call in the early mornings,  there’s someone out there who will provide the virtual equivalent of a hug and a cuppa.

In short, Supply Teacher Network is a Godsend. 

by Jo

Useful Links

Teaching Unions

National Union of Teachers (NUT)

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL)

National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers

Voice – The Union for Education Professionals (formerly PAT)


Advice and Support

SupplyBag - The essential resource for supply - The essential resource for supply teachers. Information, advice, support, books, top tips, a dedicated support forum, and a supply teaching agency database.




Education Support Partnership - Independent, confidential, 24/7 support to everyone working in education

Supply Teacher Network - my own Facebook group, it's all chocolate and marshmallows at the end of a hard day's supply!

TES Connect - dedicated supply teacher forum. Quite political, can get heated!


Government Bodies

Department for Education



Curriculum Information

The DfE's latest on the curriculum

Supply Teacher Network - Testimonial from Julie

I'm so glad I found the Supply Teacher Network.  Supply can be a lonely place, especially in September.  I've found so many positive and supportive people from this amazing group.  I don't feel alone any more.  When I don't get a call I know I can find someone on here to say hi to.  I've also realised that I'm not a failure, that I couldn't cope with being a full time teacher and full time mum.  Something had to give and I didn't want it to be my family and health.  So here I am on supply.  I love offering support to nervous NQT's it wasn't long ago I was one of them.  Its great to hear about other people's experiences, good or bad.  I can let off steam and some comments lift my mood like Kevin's amazing Top Ten songs.  Sharon Wood is amazing and answers any questions and is always close by to comment on posts.  I've found out so many useful tips like what to take in my supply bag (one day I will stop winging it and get a bag organised!) It's good to know that Sharon is meeting agencies etc. to help support us.  I appreciate the advice I get from others when I put a post up.  In return I try and comment on lots of posts.  You can get lots of teaching ideas from people when you're stuck.  Keep on going Sharon you're doing a great job for us supply teachers.  We have a voice.  Thank you for being here.

Julie, West Midlands

CPD for supply teachers

Free! The Five Ds

The Five Ds - Five little words supply teachers need!

Supply for Lunch

#SupplyChat Tuesdays 8.30-9pm

Supply Teacher Top Tip of the Week

Home of #NSTW

Supporting and Celebrating Supply Teachers

Supply Teacher Room 101

Have Bag, Will Travel

Have Bag, Will Travel: The trials and tribulations of a career supply teacher


Free! Otis Stickers

Free stickers for supply teachers

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